F. G. Meier
F. G. Meier
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What We Do


F. G. Meier creates and realises your retail-, EXHIBITION-, POS-, PROTOTYPING-, INTERIOR- or PRoDUCTDESIGN vision - from Micro orders to whole concepts. Join us at any of our NINE stages:


1. Idea

2. Design

3. Engineer

4. Digitize

5. Prototype

6. Produce

7. Install

8. Rollout

9. after sale service



Have a space but no idea what to do with it?

We will help you create a concept. Whether the space is only planned on paper or already exists - we will join you and help you further your planning or visit the site with you.

Have a product but need a stage for it?

We will dive into your concept and help you come up with the perfect display to present and sell your item. 

Our portfolio: concept development - budgeting - feasibility studies - project management - controlling - service - on site support in europe, middle east, russia, asia, north and south america


2. DESIGN & Concept


Our team of interior designers, product designers and graphic designers will sketch and plan for you, create 3D models and finished renderings based on the concepts stage and your vision. We understand this to be a hand-in-hand process, as we create the best possible solution for you using feedback rounds to incorporate all of your thoughts.

Our portfolio:  research studies - sketch - concept development - concept writing - story telling - storyboard - design studies - interior & architectural planning -  design thinking - interface design - interior design - retail design - digital retail design - interactive content design -  exhibition design - booth design - pos design - shop in shop systems - graphic and print design - design prototyping - corporate design -  hardware design - product design - fly trough graphics - vr renders




Your Design is Fixed and you need to get it Constructed?

Our Engineers, Designers and Constructors meet the claim in terms of function, ergonomics and reliability, safety and design.

Our portfolio: inventor cad drawings - engineering development - industrial engineering - generation of production data - instruction manuals and documentation - rapid prototyping and evaluation - static and structural analysis - technical control board examination - process control and quality performance test - exploded assembly drawings - part-listing - parts catalogue - production control - instruction manuals - operation instructions



4. digitize

You want to close the Retail gap between analog  and digital?

We are working close with activation agencies, space companies, consumer laboratories and universities around the globe to achieve the latest insights of retail 4.0 and its benefits. Our goal is to combine analog and digitized retail in excellence.

Our portfolio: digitized showrooms - interactive showrooms - digitized shop solutions - interactive shop solutions - digitized pos - interactive pos - digitized showcases - interactive showcases - digitized shop in shop systems - interactive displays - digitized shop windows - interactive shop windows - digitized store solutions - interactive store solutions - digitized gastro solutions - interactive gastro solutions - digitized meeting rooms - digitized retail tools - interactive shop solutions -  user interface applications  - digitized prototyping - digitized factory - digitized workshops solutions - digitized workspaces - digitized customer journeys - digitized market solutions - vr solutions - augmented reality





5. Prototype

You Need a touch and feel of your Idea, DesigN, Concept or construction?

We are looking back on 10 + years experience in experimental, electronic, metal, wood, plastic and glass prototyping.

Our portfolio: single piece prototyping - 3d printing - small size series - injection molding - pressure casting - vacuum forming - cnc-countersinking - deep-drawing - powder coating - chrome coating - gold coating - electroplating - hot-galvanization - sandblasting - glass bead blasting - vanishing - laser cutting - water jet cutting - turning - wire bending - tube bending - shaping - thermo forming - glass cutting - glass adhesion - plastic adhesion - LED- and many more...

Not the service you are looking for? Our resources and our network is growing rapidly. Please contact us for our latest prototyping portfolio.



6. Produce

You need a PRODUCER to get your Project manufactured?

From small size series to large scale series, we are looking back on 10 years experience in producing for projects in retail, exhibition, pop-up stores, shop in shop systems, POS, showcases, installations and fittings, advertising displays, product displays, from small to big size budgets.

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7. Install

At the end, you need somebody to install your Project. here we are 

We are carrying out the whole installation process, including high quality wrapping, safety shipping, on-site coordination and an accurate set up. We are covering the dismounting, and providing safety storage.



8. RollOUT

YOU Need Somebody to Launch your  PrOject on multiple LOCATIONS?

We have 10+ years experience in product releases, seasonal shop relaunches and project management like manufacturer coordination, coordination of assembling and production, finding storage space for you and the coordination of all logistics.

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9. After-Sales-Service and Digital Maintenance

We want to ensure our high quality standard to achieve full customer satisfaction even after your project is installed.

Our After Sale Portfolio includes all services of the stages above and the repairing of those. For all digital installations we can serve you with data-, content- and tele maintenance and updates.


Gallery: selected Projects