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with the local slogan „At home in Munich, at home in the world“, FC Bayern World reflects the interplay between tradition and cosmopolitanism. Located right in the centre of Munich, the store expects to receive visitors from around the globe. The multifunctional building complex, with a floor space of 3,500 square metres, houses two restaurants and a 30-room boutique hotel as well as the huge FC Bayern flagship store. 

On the first floor of the new FC Bayern World is the exclusive Audi Experience. Here, in an area of ca. 50 square metres, fans can experience Audi in a new form.

Visitors are greeted by Audi directly at the entrance by the LED on the staircase. This leads them to the second floor of the Audi Experience. The heart of it all — a high-resolution LED screen with the interactive, web-based Multi Touch Table in front of it. As well as showcasing the partnership and presenting the player’s vehicles, the MTT also features content on Audi technologies and services. 

One highlight is the Audi configurator, which presents the configured car on the LED screen in 4K. Of course, as it should be, in front of a familiar backdrop: the Allianz Arena! Those who configure a car will be shown an individual code that will enable their customer journey to continue.

The third ‚experience station‘ in the Audi area is provided by a Kuka industrial robot controlled by artificial intelligence. The robotic arm can draw a design sketch of the new Audi e-tron GT concept on a piece of paper within five minutes. What’s fascinating about this is that the robot does not simply draw or print, it reinterprets the design sketch. As well as receiving the design sketch of the Audi e-tron GT concept drawn by the robot, fans are emailed a video of the drawing process.

At the laser engraving station, the individual Audi code is engraved on an FCB & Audi branded wooden give-away. The diamond shape once again establishes the connection to FC Bayern. It’s a souvenir that is both attractive and functional, for it enables the potential customer to call up and view their configured car again directly online from their own PC or to present the code at an Audi centre. The centre’s sales representative will then be able to understand exactly which car and which features interest the customer.

All three stations and experiences are prototypes in this form and reflect Audi’s core values of performance, precision and innovation as well as the company’s vision for the future: progressive and bold. 

When visitors have explored the three interactive experiences, they can find inspiration in the merchandise from the Audi collection. Accessories, including the Audi Junior quattro ride-on car with real LED lights, can be purchased directly in the store. 

The Audi area in FC Bayern World shows that Audi is not only a partner, but that it can also excite and inspire fans with its experiences. And one thing becomes clear from a visit to the Audi area in FC Bayern World: this partnership is no mere coincidence, but the result of a shared vision.


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